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※ will be the practice test as of January 21, 2018.. As far as possible, to update appropriate future legal changes.

Unmanned airman test (the drone test) is

Background of drone test carried out

While regulation is strengthened from various quarters by the incident by the 2015 drone that occurred years (multi-Copter), and it is required to take advantage of the drones have the appropriate knowledge and skill.

So, objectively assess the knowledge level of the personnel handling the drone, we conduct an unattended airman test (drone test) for the purpose of spreading the understanding of the towards the improvement and the surrounding.
We will be drone pilot this test to the machine is the opportunity to acquire the correct knowledge.

Unmanned airman test (drone test) of the acquired benefits

  • You can attach a certificate for the qualification of the operator at the time of permit approval to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
  • Lectures 1 (4 hours) will be exempted when to take basic skills training (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport certification)
  • You can certainly wear a minimum of knowledge required for the safe use of drone
  • It leads to self (their) PR
  • Only successful applicants will be able to participate in Q & A community service that can participate (general who is allowed only viewing)
  • You can use the flight log service (the ability to manage the flight career in online)
  • It can the logo is a testament that have passed the drone test set forth in a business card or website
  • You can receive a preferential treatment in a variety of drone relationship procedures (such as permit approval by the administrative scrivener)
  • You get the students qualify for various courses in partnership organizations
  • Lectures will be exempted in various courses in partnership organizations
  • You can buy a drone test original goods

Certificate of having a flying career, knowledge, and capacity for unmanned aircraft

Certificate of having a flying career, knowledge, and capacity for unmanned aircraft
Airspace in the vicinity of the airport, etc., the flight of the population concentration district sky, at night, in such case to fly the unmanned aircraft in visual such as outside, you must have permission or approval of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

In the drone test, you will be issued a “fact of the certificate with the flight history, knowledge, and capacity for unmanned aircraft” to the people who have passed the unmanned airman test (drone test).

Please use at the time of authorization and approval application procedures related to the flight of the unmanned aircraft.

Implementation status of unmanned aviation workers test (drone test)

Applicant number Goukakushasu
1st pre-test (June 2015) 12
2nd pre-test (July 2015) 35
The first time (September 2015) 36 twenty two
The second times (2015, November) 92 65
Third (January 2016) 309 200
4th (March 2016) 587 435
5th (May 2016) 785 534
6th (July 2016) 1017 686
7th (September 2016) 1129 796
8th (2016 November) 1090 772
9th (January 2017) 1237 922
10th (March 2017) 1034 771
11th (May 2017) 1334 1025
12th (July 2017) 1309 937
13th (September 2017) 1801 924
14th (2017 November) 1426 1042

Total number of certified for each grade

※ does not include skills Qualified Person number. Also it includes certification and others by training students. 2017 October 1, 2010.

The number of certified
Primary 828
Level 2 1664
Tertiary 5780
Quaternary 352

Unmanned aircraft anniversary (drone of the day)

2015 to December 10, “Act for Partial Revision of the Civil Aeronautics Law” was enacted, Japan in domestic law “unmanned aircraft” is to commemorate that was first defined, drone test Association this day ” unmanned aircraft Memorial day “aka: was defined as” drone of the day “.

In accordance with the unmanned aircraft anniversary (drone of the day), it will contribute to the use and popularization and development of unmanned aircraft for organizing various events.

Application of the drone test is from here → drone test Homepage

Text can be purchased from here.

<Drone test tertiary practice exam Collection>

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<Drone test tertiary past problem> ※ 2017 13th Free airman test (tertiary)

From the first question first 14 questions  2017 13th drone test (tertiary) Part 1

The 30 questions from the 15 questions 2017 13th drone test (tertiary) Part 2

The 40 questions from the 31-question 2017 13th drone test (tertiary) Part 3

From the first 41 questions the 50 questions 2017 13th drone test (tertiary) Part 4

<Drone test second grade practice test Collection> ※ completed January 25, 2018

001. drone test grade 2 (basic knowledge ed.)

002. drone test grade 2 (physics ed.)

003. drone test grade 2 (aviation meteorology first half)

004. drone test grade 2 (aviation meteorology second half)

005. drone test grade 2 (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

006. drone test grade 2 (GPS, risk management)

<Drone test primary practice exam Collection>

001. drone test (Fluid Engineering)

002. drone test (the amount of power and heat Hen – Battery Hen)

003. drone test (small unmanned aircraft such as no-fly method)

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